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SPIN Changes

In certain situations, applicants and service providers can request a change of the Service Provider Identification Number (SPIN). This number is also known as the service provider’s 498 ID. A SPIN change may either be a corrective SPIN change or an operational SPIN change.

Corrective SPIN Change

A corrective SPIN change is a notification to USAC that the SPIN associated with a Funding Request Number (FRN) is not correct. This occurs when:

  • The applicant or USAC made a data entry error, or
  • A change occurred that was not initiated by the applicant.

Corrective SPIN changes include the following:

  • Data entry errors were made when the FCC Form 471 was submitted. This includes entering the wrong SPIN on the FCC Form 471 or entering the wrong SPIN because your service provider has multiple SPINs and you chose the wrong SPIN.
  • A merger or acquisition. The original service provider has merged with, or has been acquired by, another company and the SPIN indicated on the FRN has changed.
  • Other instances when the SPIN indicated on the FCC Form 471 changed when you did not initiate the change.

Corrective SPIN change requests must be submitted no earlier than the date of your Receipt Acknowledgment Letter (RAL)—unless you have been contacted by USAC for clarification about your FCC Form 471—and no later than the last date to file an invoice for the FRN(s).  Corrective SPIN changes identified after a RAL is issued and before an FCDL is issued, are made through the RAL modification process. Corrective SPIN changes identified after an FCDL is issued are submitted in EPC through a SPIN change request.

Operational SPIN Change

An operational SPIN change is a request to change the actual service provider associated with an FRN. The change in service providers is the result of a deliberate decision by the applicant.

Operational SPIN changes must be submitted no earlier than the date of your Funding Commitment Decision Letter (FCDL) and no later than the last date to submit an invoice. USAC will not process requests for pre-commitment operational SPIN changes.

NOTE: Applicants who file SPIN change requests must still comply with the deadlines for FCC Form 486. If the SPIN change is being submitted near the invoicing deadline date, the parties may want to request an invoice deadline extension request. This will extend the invoice deadline while the SPIN change is being reviewed and processed.