Corrective SPIN Changes

A request to correct a Service Provider Identification Number (SPIN), also known as the service provider 498 ID, is a request to change a SPIN that usually does not change the actual service provider. There are three categories of SPIN corrections that USAC will consider upon written request.

Category #1

If a data entry error was made and a service provider’s name or SPIN is incorrect in a Receipt Acknowledgment Letter (RAL) or a Funding Commitment Decision Letter (FCDL), USAC will make a correction upon written request and verification. This includes situations where the service provider has more than one SPIN and the wrong one was indicated.

These corrections cannot be made in a situation where the original Funding Request Number (FRN) was denied. Denials must be addressed through the appeals process.

Category #2

If a service provider’s SPIN has changed due to the merger of companies or the acquisition of one company by another, USAC will make the correction upon written request and verification by the service provider. However, if the merger or acquisition will result in a change on some FRNs but not on other FRNs, the applicant must initiate the request.

Occasionally, the service provider does not initiate a global SPIN change. In this case, applicants can bring the situation to USAC’s attention so that USAC can contact the service provider.

Category #3

The service provider may have indicated the change rather than the applicant.

Requesting a Corrective SPIN Change

Change requests must be received no earlier than the date of your Receipt Acknowledgment Letter (RAL) and no later than the last date to submit an invoice.

You can request a corrective SPIN change while your application is under review or after commitment has been made.

Correcting a SPIN While Under Review

Applicants will receive the RAL in their E-Rate Productivity Center (EPC) News feed after certifying the FCC Form 471. Corrective SPIN changes can be submitted through the RAL modification process while the form is still under review. Please view the FCC Form 471 Receipt Acknowledgment Letter Modification Guide for more information.

RAL Modification Requests are included in the documentation that your Program Integrity Assurance (PIA) reviewer uses to review and process your FCC Form 471 application.

To submit a RAL modification:

  • Search for your certified FCC Form 471 from the FCC Forms and Post-Commitment Requests section at the bottom of your landing page in EPC.
  • Click the application number to access your form.
  • From the Related Actions menu at the top of the page, choose Submit Modification Request (RAL).
  • Follow the prompts to access the fields appropriate to your request and provide the information about the FRN that requires a correction. Provide the correct SPIN and service provider name and add a note identifying this as a corrective SPIN change.
  • Specify the allowable correction category this change falls into. The allowable correction categories are:
    • Data entry correction;
    • Merger/acquisition correction;
    • Correction due to a change that was not initiated by the applicant:
      • A brief explanation should be provided of the circumstances requiring the change.

You can also request a corrective SPIN change during the review of your application in consultation with your Program Integrity Assurance (PIA) reviewer. If we can confirm that your requested change is allowable, the correction will be reflected in your FCDL.

Correcting a SPIN After Commitment

Corrective SPIN changes cannot be made if the original FRN was denied. Denials must be addressed through the appeals process.

Applicants must submit post-commitment SPIN change requests in the E-Rate Productivity Center (EPC).