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Announcements: View High Cost announcements.

Appeals & Audits: To ensure the highest level of program integrity, USAC conducts audits of beneficiaries. Learn more about these audits and how to appeal.

Forms and Filing Deadlines: Detailed list of the High Cost filing deadlines and links to applicable forms and templates.

Fund Verification Reviews: Provides information on and resources for USAC’s compliance reviews.

Glossary of Terms: Provides definitions of common terms and acronyms.

Rules & Orders: Provides links to the High Cost program rules and FCC orders that establish the funds that make up the High Cost program.

Tools: View public High Cost data, including support disbursement amounts and other funding tools. Participants can also track the submission and receipt of certifications.

Upcoming Dates: A list of upcoming dates, including program deadlines, webinars and other important dates.