Available Funding

In years past, the RHC program was authorized to distribute $400 million annually to qualifying funding requests in the HCF and Telecom programs.

On June 25, 2018, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) issued an order that adopts rules to: (1) increase the annual RHC program funding cap to $571 million and apply it to FY2017; (2) annually adjust the RHC program funding cap for inflation, beginning with FY2018; and (3) establish a process to carry-forward unused funds from past funding years for use in future funding years.

The rules became effective immediately upon publication of the Order in the Federal Register.

Read and download the FCC’s RHC 2018 Funding Cap Order and FAQ sheet.

Authorized distribution amounts by funding year:

FY2018: $581,000,000
FY2019: $677,290,000 (read Order 20-30)
FY2020: $802,740,000 (read PN 20-688)
FY2021: $612,016,418 (read PN 21-332)
FY2022:  $637,721,108 (read PN 22-271)