Alaska Plan

Recognizing the individualized challenges faced by carriers serving Alaska, the Alaska Plan (AK Plan) provides support to rate-of-return carriers, and their wireless affiliates, to maintain, extend, and upgrade broadband service across the state.

The AK Plan gave carriers the option to receive a fixed amount of support over 10 years (2017-2026) for both fixed and mobile voice and broadband service in high-cost areas.

The FCC also authorized eight mobile carriers to receive support under the AK Plan to improve and maintain mobile service in remote areas of Alaska.

Some Alaskan carriers elected to receive A-CAM support instead.

Deployment Obligations

The FCC worked with each carrier to tailor deployment obligations to each carrier’s circumstances. Specifically, the FCC gave Alaskan rate-of-return carriers the option to receive support for a 10-year term (2017-2026) in exchange for meeting performance obligations to offer voice and broadband services of at least 10/1 Mbps to a specified number of locations.

Annual Filing Requirements

Carriers receiving Alaska Plan support must also complete the following filing and certification requirements each year.

  • March 1: Submit the geocoded locations where you have newly deployed facilities capable of delivering broadband that meets or exceeds the defined speed tiers in the previous year. Submit locations in the HUBB.
    • For carriers with newly deployed backhaul: By March 1, carriers must submit updated fiber network maps or microwave network maps if middle-mile facilities were deployed in the prior calendar year to support service in eligible areas via the middle mile application in the HUBB. Submit Network Maps
  • July 1: Certify your data by filing FCC Form 481 (Carrier Data Annual Collection Form). File Online
  • October 1: Certify you have used High Cost funding correctly per program rules. Most carriers are certified by their states, but if your company is not subject to state jurisdiction, you must file yourself. Learn more.

Related Orders

Alaska Plan Order (FCC 16-115) – Adopted an integrated plan to address both fixed and mobile voice and broadband service in high-cost areas of the state of Alaska

Public Notice (DA 16-1425) – Authorized support for 13 rate-of-return Alaskan carriers

Public Notice (DA 16-1419) – Approved performance plans of eight wireless providers

Public Notice (DA 17-865) – Instructions for filing middle-mile network maps

Order (DA 18-197) – Addresses a Petition for Reconsideration of the Map Instructions Public Notice and provides clarification regarding Alaska Plan carriers’ map data filing obligations (map collection).