Mobility Funds

The Mobility Fund is the wireless component of the Connect America Fund. It provides support for the expansion of mobile broadband networks in areas that might otherwise not be served. The Mobility Fund consists of two phases.

Phase I provides immediate one-time support to accelerate the deployment of mobile broadband and voice service to unserved areas. A nationwide reverse auction held in September 2012 awarded $300 million of Phase I funds to over 30 service providers. A separate auction, called the Tribal Mobility Auction, will award up to $50 million to providers that serve Tribal lands.

Phase II provides ongoing support to deploy and maintain mobile broadband and voice service in high-cost areas. Up to $500 million will be available every year; however, the FCC is studying the exact amount to be allocated for services on Tribal lands in future years.

What else do I need to know?

Wireless carriers are eligible for Mobility Fund support and there are a few important forms and deadlines to be aware of:

  • State or self-use certification letters are due annually on October 1, pursuant to Section 54.314. Review information about certification letters on our Certification Requirements page.
  • The Mobility Fund Phase I Annual Report Form, the FCC Form 690, is due on July 1 annually. To locate the form and review the official FCC form instructions, visit the High Cost program Forms page.

For more information on the Mobility Fund, visit the FCC Connect America Fund information page, the USF/ICC Transformation Order, the FCC Mobility Fund Phase I Auction information pagePublic Notice DA 14-843, and the FCC Executive Summary.