E-Rate Productivity Center (EPC)

About EPC

Hosted on Appian, EPC is the account and application management portal for the Schools and Libraries (E-Rate) program. E-Rate program participants use this tool to manage program processes, receive notifications and to contact customer service.

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General Guidance

Web Browsers

The supported Web browsers are listed in the table below. Use the Appian Mobile application for iOS and Android instead of mobile browsers.  See Mobile Devices for more information.

Web browsers must allow cookies. If a user’s browser is not configured to allow cookies, then Appian displays an alert stating that cookies must be enabled in order to log in. Appian uses browser cookies to maintain user sessions, enable protections against threats such as cross-site request forgeries (CSRF), and, if configured, remember certain user choices between sessions.  The cookies contain anonymized tokens and unique identifiers. No personally identifiable information (PII) is ever stored by Appian in a browser cookie.

Browser  Comments
Microsoft Edge Supported on Windows and MacOS operating systems. Appian supports the most recent stable version.
Mozilla Firefox  Mozilla Firefox updates automatically. EPC supports the most recent stable version of Mozilla Firefox.
Google Chrome  Google Chrome updates automatically. EPC supports the most recent stable version of Google Chrome.
Apple Safari  Safari is only supported on MacOS operating systems.

Appian does not support browsers that are no longer supported by their vendor.  Use the latest supported browser version and always apply all available security updates.

Questions? We’re here to help.

The Schools and Libraries (E-Rate) program team is here to help you every step of the way. Contact us with your questions or to set up a new user account.

Create a Customer Service Case in EPC:

  1. Log in to One Portal to access EPC.
  2. Select the Contact Us link from the upper right menu on your landing page.

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