To support your E-Rate program needs, important resources are outlined in this section.

Visit the webpages below to get started:

  • Announcements: Includes information about the E-Rate program and its monthly newsletter.
  • Appeals & Audits:
    • Any program participant who disagrees with a USAC decision may file an appeal.
    • To ensure the highest level of program integrity, USAC conducts audits of beneficiaries.
  • Document Retention: Includes information regarding the document retention requirement issues by the FCC.
  • E-Rate Productivity Center (EPC): Learn more about EPC, the account and application management portal for the E-Rate program.
  • Fall Training 2022 Questions and Answers Transcript:  See questions and answers provided as part of 2022 Fall Training Webinars.
  • Forms: List of E-Rate applicant and service provider forms with links to filing systems, user guides, and additional information.
  • Glossary of Terms: Provides definitions of common E-Rate program terms and acronyms.
  • Tools: Provides public E-Rate data, including commitment and other funding tools.
  • Upcoming Dates: Includes upcoming webinar and training dates, deadlines, and more.