Billing Disputes

If you have a question or dispute regarding your USAC invoice, email the Customer Operations team for assistance.

If your name is not listed on the current FCC Form 499-A, FCC Form 499-Q, or current invoice, USAC cannot provide you confidential information regarding a contributor invoice, but can provide general information regarding billing matters.

You will receive a response via email within 24 hours of the time the request is received by USAC.

What is the process?

USAC has a pay-and-dispute procedure for resolving billing and collection issues. Keep in mind that the invoice is due in full by the due date and that late payment fees will not be reversed unless USAC has made an error. In the case of a USAC billing error, USAC will correct the error and reverse any associated late payment fees and penalties.

Requesting Credit for Double USF Contributions

A Reseller who has made universal service fund (USF) contributions in a given year to both an underlying carrier and USAC may submit a request to USAC for credit of the double USF contributions.

To see if your company is eligible and request credits, please review the Credits for Double USF – Overview and Cover Sheet.

All requests MUST include the Credits for Double USF – Coversheet along with supporting documentation.