Participating in a USF Program

All service providers that participate in any of the four universal service programs–High Cost, Lifeline, Rural Health Care, or E-Rate–must register with USAC using the FCC Form 498 to receive disbursement payments.  In addition, any E-Rate program applicants, such as a school district or a library, who wish to receive disbursements directly, must register with USAC using the FCC Form 498.

This form is used to collect addresses, contact information, and banking information. Where appropriate, the service provider can request that program disbursements be used to offset their contribution requirements.

USAC relies on the data provided on the FCC Form 498 to disburse federal universal service support consistent with the specifications that the service provider or billed entity has entered on the form, so it is important that the company maintain up-to-date information on the FCC Form 498.