Funding Requests

Each funding request on the FCC Form 471 (Description of Services Ordered and Certification Form) must include a description of the products and services for which discounts are sought.


Each funding request consists of these parts:

Key Information

  • Service Type
  • Establishing FCC Form 470 (if applicable)
  • FCC Form 470 exemption reason (if applicable)
  • Service provider name and Service Provider Identification Number (SPIN)
  • Billing account number (optional)
  • Type of service agreement: Tariff, month-to-month, or contract
  • Service start and end dates
  • Narrative – A brief explanation of the products and services requested. Examples include:
    • “Internet access for new library branch”
    • “New data distribution equipment to replace old equipment”
    • Any additional details, if needed, such as equipment locations or other information to support the funding request. Products and services that can be supported under the Schools and Libraries Program are “conditionally eligible,” which means that they are eligible for support if used or function in certain ways.
  • Pricing confidentiality restrictions (listed when applicable)

Products and Services Requested

Funding Request Number (FRN) line item detail and cost associated with the eligible and ineligible products and services requested including:

  • Service type
  • Product type
  • Purpose
  • Quantity
  • Bandwidth upload and download speeds
  • Type of connection
  • Make/model (for Internal Connections requests)
  • Lease or non-purchase agreement (for Internal Connections requests)
  • Eligible and ineligible monthly and one-time costs

Applicants can receive assistance from service providers when compiling data for the funding request section of the form.

Things to Remember

  • All certifications provided as a part of the FCC Form 471 also apply to the funding request details, including certifications of compliance with state and local procurement laws and compliance with Schools and Libraries Program rules. Misrepresentations might result in administrative and criminal penalties described in FCC Form 471 certifications.
  • USAC reiterates that the applicant certifies as a part of the FCC Form 471 that: (1) resources to use the services effectively have been secured, and (2) all required documents will be retained for a period of at least ten years after the last day of service delivery.
  • Applicants should check the USAC website to understand the eligibility requirements for the products and services being requested.
  • If there are any charges in your funding request related to “training,” in the narrative, please provide a detailed explanation as to what the training involves.
  • If you are ordering server racks or equipment cabinets, please specify the make and model of the server or equipment being housed in the racks or cabinets and the intended use of the server or equipment.

USAC’s review process also requires further information when funding requests include the following components or configurations:

  • Suspension of amortization requirement. To encourage efficient investment in high-speed broadband infrastructure, including the deployment of fiber, USAC is suspending for four years its policy of requiring applicants to amortize large Category One non-recurring charges. This will give applicants the flexibility to plan large construction projects knowing they can recover the E-Rate program supported portion of any non-recurring costs upfront, thus providing greater certainty regarding funding and removing this potential barrier to infrastructure investment.