November 18, 2019
New HUBB Edit and Delete Functionality Now Available

USAC has implemented new functionality in the High Cost Universal Broadband (HUBB) portal to let carriers edit, delete and replace certain broadband deployment data already certified in the system on a bulk basis.

Carriers can now make bulk modifications to the following information in the HUBB:

  • Address, city, state and zip code
  • Speed tier
  • Number of units 
  • Carrier ID
  • Month and day of deployment
  • Latitude and longitude coordinates if the change would move a location by a distance of 36 feet or less

Carriers could previously edit address, city and state, speed tier and number of units for individual records only.

Carriers can also now delete certified deployment records out of the HUBB and upload new locations on a bulk basis. Carriers must supply a reason for all deletions.

Please note that if a carrier needs to change a deployment year, or edit latitude and longitude coordinates in order to move a location by more than 36 feet, the carrier must delete the existing location(s) out of the HUBB and upload replacement location(s). Any changes to a deployment year of a certified deployment record are subject to FCC approval.

Also note that while carriers can currently certify new data uploaded to the HUBB to replace records that have been deleted, they cannot yet certify modified data uploaded to the system. USAC will send a notification when that certification functionality becomes available. In the meantime, carriers can upload edited records for later certification.

Information on using the new bulk modifications and deletions functionality can be found on the HUBB resources page.

October 31, 2019
Mixed Merger Information and Requirements

Carriers must notify USAC within 30 days of a merger closing when a company receiving a fixed level of High Cost support (e.g. model-based support) acquires or is acquired by an average schedule company or a company receiving support based on its costs.

On May 11, 2018, the FCC released an order (FCC 18-62 ) approving the purchase of carrier receiving model-based support by a carrier receiving legacy support. This type of transaction is known as a “mixed merger.” FCC approval was subject to a condition now known as the “Hargray condition,” which caps the operating expense of the carriers of the combined entity that receive cost-based support.  The purpose of this condition is to prevent potential cost shifting.

This condition has been applied to subsequent mixed mergers and requires carriers to:

  1. Notify USAC of the merger within 30 days of the merger closing date.
  2. Submit the latest audited financial statements to USAC, including all notes and consolidating statements, by December 31, annually, for seven years following the merger. This submission should also include a certification that the carrier has complied with the “Hargray condition”.

Carriers should send these submissions to USAC at

The condition “sunsets” if any of the cost-based carriers involved in the mixed merger become fixed-support carriers at any point during the seven-year period.  

For questions please write to or call (888) 641 – 8722 and ask for High Cost Operations.