Step 5: Review Your Funding Commitment Letter (FCL)

Once your funding request is approved, USAC emails a Funding Commitment Letter (FCL) to all account holders and service providers associated with that funding request number (FRN).

The FCL includes the support amount based on the duration of expected service as well as other information about your funding request, including if the contract was designated evergreen. You should review the FCL to ensure the Billing Account Number (BAN) is correct, confirm the actual start and actual end dates of service, and confirm that all other information is accurate. If you have any questions or disagree with information in the FCL, be sure to contact RHC at

You can also download your FCL through My Portal. For more information, download the tip sheet How to Find your FCL.

The material on these webpages is provided for general information only and should not be relied upon or used as the sole basis for making decisions without consulting the RHC program rules, orders, and other primary sources of information. Applicants and service providers are ultimately responsible for knowing and complying with all RHC program rules and procedures.