Missing Information

USAC processes Schools and Libraries (E-Rate) program forms and requests as promptly as possible in order to issue timely decisions. Missing or incomplete information can cause processing delays, so we may request additional information and/or documentation about your form or request.

Typically, program participants have 15 days to reply to USAC requests for information. Participants must respond fully to our requests and forward all requested documentation by the deadline established during the initial contact by USAC.

Contacting Participants

USAC will attempt to contact participants through the E-Rate Productivity Center (EPC). Additionally, we may also attempt to contact the contact person or other person designated by the contact person by phone or email.

  • If we make a successful contact – e.g., have a live telephone conversation, leave a voicemail message when no out-of-office message was recorded, or send an email message without an out-of-office notification by return email – the response timelines described above will apply.
  • If USAC does not receive a response, the deadline established during the original contact, USAC will follow up with the participant.
  • If USAC does not receive a complete response by the deadline, we will attempt to process as much of the form or request as possible using the information already provided. This can result in a modification, rejection, or denial of individual funding requests or of the entire form or request.

Summer and Winter Deferral Periods

Many participants are unavailable during the summer and winter holiday seasons, and we understand that they may need additional time to respond to requests. USAC recognizes the following deferral time periods:

  • Summer deferral extends from the Friday before Memorial Day through the Friday following Labor Day.
  • Winter deferral extends from the Friday before Christmas Day through the Friday following New Year’s Day.

During these deferral periods, USAC will only continue reviews of forms and requests where documentation has already been received or participants have responded to information requests sent in EPC. If participants do not respond during these periods, the form or requests will be placed in a deferred status until the deferral period ends, at which time we will continue our regular review process.