How to Use E-File

Accessing E-File
14:00 min

Obtain Your E-File Account

E-File is USAC’s online forms submission tool. Companies new to USAC need to register a 499 ID in E-File. Once a 499 ID is established, the Company Officer can add authorized Preparers as users to E-File. Visit the Register for a 499 ID webpage to learn more about Preparers and Company Officers.

Grant Access to E-File

Only the Company Officer registered in E-File can set up authorized users to have access to the 499 Filer ID. The Company Officer or General Contact can reset the passwords of delegated users in the E-File “Information Center” by clicking on “Reset Password” for that individual.

E-File Login Problems

After five attempts to log in to E-File, you will be locked out of the system for security reasons. From the E-File login screen, select ‘Forgot Password’ and enter the requested information to request a new password be sent to the user ID/email registered.