Step 5: Invoice USAC

Invoicing is a joint process between you and your service provider using the FCC Form 463 (Invoice and Request for Disbursement Form).

Service providers and vendors providing services to Connected Care Pilot Program participants must register by submitting FCC Form 498.

Invoicing Process

Once you receive a bill from the service provider, you can create an invoice for the services received using the FCC Form 463. You must certify that the information in the form and attachments is accurate and that you have paid the 15% contribution from an eligible source.  Next, you send the FCC Form 463 to the service provider for approval through My Portal. The service provider reviews the FCC Form 463 and certifies its accuracy, and then submits the form to USAC. Once USAC receives the FCC Form 463, it processes the form and, if approved, funds are then distributed to the service provider.

Invoice Filing Deadline

Once you have received the eligible services and/or equipment, you and your service provider must submit invoicing forms (FCC Forms 463). Please keep in mind an FCC Form 463 is only considered submitted to USAC once it is approved, signed, and certified by both you and the service provider.  Invoicing is a two-step process and more information can be found on this Connected Care invoicing tip sheet. The invoice deadline is the same as the invoice deadline for the RHC programs, 120 days after your service delivery deadline.

USAC Invoice Payment Cycle for Service Providers

USAC pays invoices to service providers in batches, Invoices that USAC approves are typically processed in the upcoming payment batch. Service providers can expect the payment from the approved FCC Form 463 to arrive in their bank accounts three (3) business days after the payment batch date.

How this Step Differs From the HCF Program

While you will file the same FCC Form 463 in Connected Care as you do in the HCF Program, there are few minor differences:

  • You will certify that you have paid the 15% contribution rather than 35%
  • You will make other certifications specific to the Connected Care Pilot Program