In-Person E-Rate Training Events

In addition to fall virtual training sessions, USAC is also hosting in-person training events across the country. Find our 2024 event appearances and links to E-Rate resources below. 

2024 Regional In-Person Training Events 

USAC is holding in-person training sessions in various regions of the country covering program processes and updates for Funding Year 2025. All E-Rate program participants are welcome including applicants, service providers, and consultants of all experience levels. Registration will open on April 23 at 3 p.m. Eastern Time (ET). Register for a training by selecting a link below when registration opens. 

E-Rate Training: September 17, 2024 Dallas, TX. Register.

E-Rate Training: October 7, 2024 Washington, DC. Register. 

E-Rate Training: October 29, 2024 Fayetteville, AR. Register. 

2024 E-Rate Events 

USAC plans to attend the following conferences across the country. Come visit our booth and let us answer your questions about the E-Rate program. 

Computers in Libraries Conference: March 12-14, Crystal City, VA 

Public Library Association (PLA) Conference: April 3-5, Columbus, OH 

The Consortia for School Networking (CoSN) Conference: April 8-10, Miami, FL 

Utah Library Association | Mountain Plains Library Association (ULA/MPLA) Conference: May 8-10, Salt Lake City, UT 

American Library Association (ALA) Annual Conference: June 27-July 2, San Diego, CA 

Southeast American Library Association (SELA) Conference: July 14-16, Huntsville, AL 

The Association for Rural and Small Libraries (ARSL) Conference: September 11-14, Springfield, MA 

Schools, Health & Libraries Broadband (SHLB) Coalition AnchorNets Conference: October 2-4, Crystal City, VA 

Association of Tribal Archives, Libraries, & Museums (ATALM) Conference: November 12-14, Palm Springs, CA 

E-Rate Resources Spotlight: Navigating E-Rate’s Website  

The resources below will help conference attendees understand the E-Rate program.  These online resources address common questions on specific issues and broader E-Rate concepts. We encourage all program participants to explore the E-Rate website! 

For all participants, both new and experienced: 

E-Rate News Brief: The E-Rate News Brief will give you information about funding commitments, tips to help you through the application process, and other timely information. Subscribing to the News Brief is the best way to stay informed about program updates. To learn more and subscribe, visit 

Cybersecurity Pilot Program: The three-year Cybersecurity Pilot Program, administered by USAC, with oversight by the FCC, provides up to $200 million in universal service support to eligible schools and libraries to defray the cost of eligible cybersecurity services and equipment. To learn more, visit

Modernizing E-Rate to Support Wi-Fi Hotspots: If adopted, the Order would update the Commission’s E-Rate rules to permit support for schools and libraries to purchase Wi-Fi hotspots and wireless Internet services to be loaned to and used by students, school staff, and library patrons off-premises. For more information, visit

New participants:  

Getting started page: This page gives an overview of the E-Rate program offerings and who qualifies.  This is the perfect starting place for someone new to the program. To learn more, visit 

About E-Rate Videos:  These videos provide an concise summary of what the E-Rate program is and how you can get started. To learn more, visit 

Experienced Users: 

Competitive Bidding Process: The competitive bidding process allows applicants to identify and request products and/or services so that potential service providers can review those requests and submit bids for them. To learn more, visit 

Allowable Contract Date Refresher: The 28 Day Waiting Period page is updated to include a helpful infographic to further explain Allowable Contract Dates and other important details.  To learn more, visit 

Wi-Fi on School Buses: Equipment and services necessary to provide mobile broadband connectivity on school buses are E-Rate eligible when used for educational purposes. To learn more, visit 

The Children’s Internet Protection Act: Applicants must certify compliance with the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) to be eligible for Schools and Libraries (E-Rate) program discounts on Category One internet access and all Category Two services – internal connections, managed internal broadband services, and basic maintenance of internal connections. To learn more, visit 

Invoicing: Invoicing USAC for the discount portion of the costs for the approved eligible equipment and services can begin after invoicing prerequisites are met. Invoicing is performed within the E-Rate Productivity Center (EPC). To learn more, visit 

EPC Training Site: Trainers and other program participants can use USAC’s E-Rate Productivity Center (EPC) training site to practice filing forms, learn how to navigate the system, and train new users – all without affecting actual information and settings in the EPC production site. To learn more, visit 

Tools: These tools provide access to public E-Rate Program data including commitments and disbursements.