Category of Service Changes

Applicants should ensure that they indicate the proper category of service and service type for products and services specified in each funding request on the FCC Form 471 (Description of Services Ordered and Certification Form).

The Eligible Services List (ESL) provides information about the proper categories of service and service types. USAC reviews the services for which funding is requested to ensure they are requested in the appropriate category of service and service type. If applicants make errors in specifying the proper category of service or service type, USAC may adjust or correct the category of service or service type subject to the rules for fixing Ministerial and Clerical Errors.

  • For example, if an applicant submits a funding request for internet access service but incorrectly indicates dark fiber, USAC may correct the entry listed on the FCC Form 471 during Program Integrity Assurance (PIA) review.
  • NOTE: If USAC moves the funding request to a different service type and the applicant did not post for those services in that service type on the FCC Form 470, the funding request may be denied.

If a funding request is split or replaced due to corrections made during PIA review, both the original and the new Funding Request Number (FRN) will appear in the Funding Commitment Decision Letter (FCDL).