Register for a 498 ID

A 498 ID (also known as SPIN) is required for all parties that want to participate in any of the four universal service programs and receive payment directly from USAC.

There are two groups required to register and obtain a 498 ID.

  • Service Providers
  • Schools and Library applicants (e.g. schools, school districts, libraries)
    • Applicants who have elected to use the BEAR invoicing method to receive payment from USAC.

The FCC Form 498 is used to collect remittance, payment, and contact information for companies that receive support from any of the universal service programs. The FCC Form 498 allows service providers to use the same information for one or more of the programs, or different information for each program if needed.

Information Required to Register for a 498 ID

Prior to beginning registration, please have all of the following company information ready:

NOTE: Registration must be completed in one session. These are no opportunity to save partially-completed forms.

Please note: On April 6, 2022, the FCC released a Public Notice (DA-22-371) announcing that the General Services Administration’s will transition from the use of the Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS) number to the assigned Unique Entity Identifier (UEI). USAC updated the FCC Form 498 for all service providers on November 16, 2022 to require entities to have an active UEI in order to submit or modify their FCC Form 498. On May 12, 2023, USAC updated the FCC Form 498 for all E-Rate applicants (who use or will use the BEAR method of reimbursement) to require entities to have an active UEI if they submit a new FCC Form 498 or if they modify their existing FCC Form 498. For more information, please read our April News Brief.

Registration Process

To obtain a 498 ID, you will be completing an FCC Form 498. Each group has a different process for completing this form.

Service Providers: To begin your registration, navigate to the E-File log-in page. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click “Continue.” From there, scroll down and click “Create an Account.” Next, click “Service Provider – 498 ID.” Finally, click “Register Your Company” and follow the online instructions to complete.

Watch this short video showing the online registration process.

Schools and Library applicants: To begin your registration, navigate to the EPC log in page. Please refer to the FCC Form 498: Applicant User Guide for detailed instructions on registering.

What to Expect After Filing

Prior to USAC reviewing the 498 registration form, two actions must be completed.

  1. You must upload banking verification documents with every 498 ID registration (required).
  2. If the General Contact initially registers for the 498 ID, the Company Officer entered on the FCC Form 498 will receive an email alerting them to the registration and the requirement for certification. The Company Officer has 14 days to certify the form. Upon Company Officer certification, the FCC Form 498 will be saved in E-File and USAC will be notified to review the submission.

USAC will not review any FCC Form 498 unless both of these actions have been completed.

USAC reviews new registrations within 2 business days. Be sure to allow this amount of time to elapse before contacting the Customer Operations team with questions about your submission.

Assignment of 498 ID

Upon USAC’s approval of the registration Form 498, a 498 ID will be assigned and USAC will send the Company Officer notifying her/him of their system User ID and temporary password.

Can USAC reject an FCC Form 498?

USAC is required to reject a FCC Form 498 with missing or incomplete information or incorrect bank account information.

When USAC rejects a submission, the General Contact listed on the FCC Form 498 will receive an email that explains the reason why. USAC will ask the General Contact to resubmit the entire form with corrections.

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