File a Complaint

If you would like to report a complaint, please select who your complaint is against and follow the procedures outlined below.

Lifeline Program Issues

If you participate in the Lifeline program through your telecommunications company and have questions or problems with your service, want to report Lifeline program fraud, or have a complaint about your telecommunications company, please visit the Get Help page.

Complaints Against Your Telephone Company

To file a complaint against your telephone company, contact your state utility commission.

Complaints Against USAC

Complaints against USAC may include:

  • An unprofessional exchange with a USAC employee,
  • Unresponsiveness by USAC,
  • Late or deficient performance by USAC,
  • Unclear or incorrect information provided by USAC, and
  • Ongoing system or tool issues.

To file a complaint against USAC, follow these steps.

  1. Select your method for filing your complaint:
    Telephone (888) 641-8722
    Email File by email – Write “Complaint” in the subject line.
    U.S. Mail  Universal Service Administrative Co.
    Attn: Complaints
    700 12th Street, NW, Suite 900
    Washington, DC 20005
  2. In your complaint, please provide the following:
    • Your contact information,
    • A general description of the complaint, and
    • Specific details of your exchanges with USAC.
  3. Within two business days, USAC will provide a response to your complaint (or an estimated response date). Total time to respond to a complaint will not exceed 20 business days from the date of complaint receipt.