Operational SPIN Changes

Applicants may request an operational SPIN change to replace the service provider associated with a specific Funding Request Number (FRN).

An operational SPIN change can be requested for tariffed, month-to-month, or contracted services.

An operational SPIN change is permitted when:

  1. It is allowed under the applicant’s state and local procurement rules.
  2. It is allowable under the terms of any contract between the applicant and its original service provider.
  3. The applicant has notified its original service provider of its intent to change service providers.
  4. (For Funding Year (FY) 2011 and forward) There is a legitimate reason to change providers (e.g., breach of contract or the service provider is unable to perform the requested services).
  5. (For FY2011 and forward) The newly selected service provider received the next highest point value in the original bid evaluation. If the applicant did not receive multiple bids, the applicant must submit a statement explaining that it received only one or no bids.

Changing service providers because the services are available at a lower cost from another service provider or because you now wish to do business with a service provider that did not participate in the competitive bidding process are not considered legitimate reasons for change, and requests citing such reasons will be denied.

When to File Requests

A request for an operational SPIN change for a Funding Request Number (FRN) must be received no earlier than the date of the Funding Commitment Decision Letter (FCDL) and no later than the last date to submit an invoice for that FRN.

USAC is concerned about its ability to pay the appropriate service provider depending on when service provider changes are made and when change requests are received and approved. If a service provider is changed before USAC approves a change request, there is a possibility that USAC will inadvertently pay the old service provider. To minimize that possibility, applicants should notify USAC of their intent to change service providers as soon as the decision is made and should advise USAC of the proposed effective date of the change.

In order to reduce confusion and possible delays, applicants should send the request for the change to USAC before the change takes place so that USAC has time to process the request before the submission of any invoices for services rendered by the new service provider. Once the request is received, USAC will make no additional payments on the FRN until the change is reviewed and either: (1) approved and the SPIN is changed, or (2) denied and USAC verifies that additional invoices are for services actually rendered to the applicant by the original service provider.

Conditional Multi-Year Contracts

If the applicant wishes to switch service providers under a multi-year contract, it may switch to a multi-year contract with a new service provider without posting a new FCC Form 470 and waiting at least 28 days. Remember, however, that the requirements listed above for initiating an operational SPIN change still apply.

The multi-year contract with the new service provider must have an expiration date no later than the original contract’s expiration date and must not exceed the contract duration listed in the original FCC Form 470 or the request for proposal (RFP).

Service Substitutions

Changing service providers does not allow applicants to also change the specific products or services to be supplied in their funding requests.

Applicants may make a simultaneous request for both service substitution and change in service provider by: (1) following the steps as outlined in the service substitutions procedure, and (2) including the nickname and identification number of the SPIN change request in EPC with the service substitution request.

In the event that a simultaneous service substitution and service provider change cannot be granted due to a problem with either request, we will contact the applicant to determine if USAC should continue to process the remaining request.

Requesting an Operational SPIN Change

Applicants must submit SPIN change requests in the E-Rate Productivity Center (EPC).