National Lifeline Accountability Database (NLAD)

The National Lifeline Accountability Database (NLAD) allows service providers to enroll Lifeline eligible consumers in the program and manage their Lifeline subscribers.

After a consumer qualifies for the Lifeline program through the National Verifier, their service provider must enroll them in the program. In most states (with the exception of NLAD opt-out states – California*, Oregon, and Texas), service providers use NLAD to enroll their consumers.

*However, service providers in California with broadband-only subscribers must use NLAD to enroll these subscribers.

Keep NLAD Up to Date

NLAD confirms that a consumer has qualified through the National Verifier (NV) and prevents subscribers from claiming more than one Lifeline program discount. Service providers are not allowed to claim reimbursement for a consumer unless the consumer is entered in NLAD so service providers should update NLAD every time a consumer’s status changes, including changes to subscriber information (for example, a change of address).

Service providers must update NLAD within ten business days of receiving any change to the subscriber’s information, for example, change of address or name change.

When a service provider de-enrolls a subscriber from the Lifeline program, the service provider must update NLAD within one business day.

Stay Up to Date

Sign up for email notices about system maintenance and updates in the Subscription Center (select “Lifeline Program NLAD Bulletin”).

Service providers should email Lifeline Program with any questions about the system.


This section outlines available resources on NLAD, including FAQs and release notes from enhancements.

To watch short video modules on NLAD, visit the Videos page. To review the NLAD User Guide or NLAD or NV API Specifications, visit the Tools and Resources section in NLAD.


For common questions about NLAD, review the NLAD FAQs.

Release Notes

Month Year Release Notes
February 2020 RAD, NV API, and NLAD Release Notes
January 2020 RAD, NV API, and NLAD v1.1.0 Release Notes
July 2018 LCS 2.4.0 Release Notes
May 2018 3.20.0 Release Notes
May 2018 3.18.0 Release Notes
April 2018 3.16.0 Release Notes
April 2018 Enhancement Release Notes
March 2018 3.14.0 Release Notes
February 2018 3.12.0 Release Notes
February 2018 LCS 2.1.0 Release Notes
February 2018 3.13.0 Release Notes
January 2018 3.11.0 Release Notes
January 2018 3.10.0 Release Notes
January 2018 LCS 2.0.0 Release Notes
January 2018 LCS 1.0.0 Release Notes
January 2018 LCS 0.7.0 Release Notes
January 2018 LCS 0.6.0 Release Notes
January 2018 LCS 0.5.0 Release Notes
December 2017 LCS 0.4.0 Release Notes
November 2017 LCS 0.3.0 Release Notes
October 2017  3.5.8 Release Notes
October 2017 LCS 0.1.0 Release Notes
July 2017 3.5.3 Release Notes
July 2017 3.5.2 Release Notes
July 2017  3.5.1 Release Notes
June 2017 3.5.0 Release Notes
June 2017  3.4.11 Release Notes
May 2017 3.4.7 Release Notes
April 2017 3.4.5 Release Notes
March 2017 3.4.1 Release Notes
March 2017 3.4.0 Release Notes
March 2017 3.4.0 Release Notes
February 2017 3.3.1 Release Notes
February 2017 3.2.1 Release Notes
January 2017 3.1.0 Release Notes