Step 6: Invoice USAC

Once you submit your FCC Form 467, USAC will send you and your service provider an HCP Support Schedule (HSS) and your service provider can begin the invoicing process. There is no form name or number for the Telecom program invoicing process.

HCP Support Schedule (HSS) Contents

USAC sends the HSS to you and the service provider after processing the FCC Form 467. A sample support schedule is available for download. The HSS includes the following information:

  • Funding year;
  • HCP number;
  • FRN;
  • Billing Account Number (BAN);
  • HCP name;
  • 498 ID and service provider name;
  • Supported service;
  • Support start date;
  • Support end date; and
  • Support amount: per month ($) and total support for the funding year.

When You Receive the HSS

Once you receive the HSS, review it to ensure the following:

  • The 498 ID is correct;
  • The service being supported was actually working and being billed for the time period on the HSS; and
  • The BAN listed on the schedule is the same BAN attached to the service and HCP location or HCP mailing organization and address

If there is an error or have any questions about the information on the HSS, email with the FRN number in the subject line. As a reminder, if services were delayed or not turned on it is the responsibility of the HCP to submit an FCC Form 467 revision in My Portal.

After reviewing the HSS for accuracy, the service provider will credit your account. You should decide how the service provider will apply the credit (e.g., whether it will apply the credit automatically to your bill on a monthly basis, provide a check at the end of service, etc.) when you sign your service contract. Service providers are responsible for crediting the HCP’s account in a timely manner. After applying the credit, the service provider will log in to My Portal and submit an online invoice. USAC processes the invoice within 24 hours of submission. As a reminder, please be sure to respond to any invoicing Information Requests by the 14-calendar day deadline listed in the email.

FY2020: Invoice Deadline

Effective FY2020, the invoice filing deadline will be four months (120 days) from the service delivery deadline or the date of a revised FCL approving a post-commitment request or a successful appeal of a previously denied or reduced funding request, whichever comes later. The service delivery deadline is June 30 of the funding year for which program support is sought. HCPs must submit their FCC Form 467 to initiate the invoicing process and service providers must submit their online invoice to USAC by October 28, 2021 or funds will not be disbursed.

On April 8, 2021, the FCC released Order DA 21-394, which extends FY2020 invoice filing deadline by 120 days for all RHC program applicants. Read more about the administrative waivers granted by this order.

USAC Invoice Payment Cycle for Service Providers

USAC pays invoices from service providers in batches on the 6th and the 21st day of each month (except weekends and holidays, where the payment batch date would fall on the next business day). Invoices that USAC approves are typically processed in the upcoming payment batch. Service providers can expect payment of the approved invoice to arrive in their bank accounts three (3) business days after the payment batch date.

Invoice Status Report

The online invoice status report is sent to the service provider point of contact (POC) within 24 hours of invoice submission. The report explains which invoiced line items were accepted and denied (if any), and includes the:

  • Date USAC processed the invoice,
  • Number of records processed,
  • Number of records approved, and
  • Total support amount approved for the invoice.
  • A code indicating whether the invoice was approved (A) or denied (D1 – D9H)

If you have any questions concerning invoice denial codes or invoice submissions, contact or the RHC Customer Service Center at (800) 453-1546 from 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. ET Monday through Friday before submitting your invoice. Use the RHC Customer Service Center Tip Sheet to learn about what the RHC Customer Service Center can and cannot help you with.

The material on these web pages is provided for general information only and should not be relied upon or used as the sole basis for making decisions without consulting the RHC program rules, orders, and other primary sources of information. Applicants and service providers are ultimately responsible for knowing and complying with all RHC program rules and procedures.