Making Revisions

The FCC adopted a one-year revision deadline for downward revisions to the FCC Form 499-A and a 45-day revision deadline for all revisions to the FCC Form 499-Q.

If an error has been made on either an FCC Form 499-A on an FCC Form 499-Q filing within the revision window, or the filer has never submitted the filing and is receiving late filing fees, the filer must submit a form revision to USAC.

How do I submit revenue revisions?

A form that is within the revision window should be revised using E-File. If the system is not accepting revisions for the form, the “Revise” button will be grayed out. Revised forms will require certification by the Company Officer before the changes are submitted to USAC.

Revisions made to a 2013 FCC Form 499-A and prior years must be mailed as a hard copy to USAC at the following address:

Universal Service Administrative Co.
Attn: Form 499 Data Collection Agent
700 12th Street, NW
Suite 900
Washington, DC 20005

What if I want to change contact information?

Filers must update their contact information, including DC Agent of Services for Process, within one week of the contact information change. Filers wishing to update preparer information, headquarter address, or billing contact information can submit either an FCC Form 499-A or FCC Form 499-Q. Filers wishing to update any other information must submit a revised FCC Form 499-A.  For questions or issues updating contact information, please send an email to Customer Operations.

What happens after I submit revisions?

Once a revision has been submitted, USAC will review the filing and determine if the filing can be accepted.

If the FCC Form 499-A was submitted outside the revision window and the revision decreases the filer’s universal service contribution base, the filing will be rejected. If the FCC Form 499-A revision increases the filer’s contribution base, the filing will be accepted. In both cases, USAC will record receipt of the filing to stop continued late filing fees.

USAC cannot accept any FCC Form 499-Q revisions filed outside of the 45-day revision window. When a filer finds that it has made an error in the reporting of its revenue on any FCC Form 499-Q, it will be required to wait for the following year’s annual true up process to correct its USAC account.

USAC will use approved FCC Forms 499-A and FCC Forms 499-Q to recalculate the obligation to the universal service fund, applying a credit for a downward revision and additional billings for an upward revision.

To understand how FCC Forms 499-A/Q revisions might impact your USAC invoices, visit the Invoices page.

USAC will share approved FCC Form 499-A data with the Telecommunications Relay Service (TRS), Local Number Portability (LNP), and North American Numbering Plan (NANPA) fund administrators, as well as with the FCC, as appropriate. For more information, visit the TRS, LNP, NANPA, ITSP web page.

If a filer believes there were extenuating circumstances to be considered, see the Billing Disputes web page.