Library Basics

Q1: What is the definition of a library? 
Q3: What are some examples of commonly requested E-Rate eligible equipment and services for libraries?
Q4: How can a library benefit from E-Rate funding?
Q5: If I am unsure of my technology needs, are there any tools that I can use to assess my current library’s broadband services and what my library’s IT needs may be?
Q6: Have there been any recent changes to the E-Rate program specifically for libraries? 

Discount Rates

Q7: How is the discount rate calculated for libraries?
Q8: How does a library know if they are rural or urban for E-Rate purposes?
Q9: How does a library determine the NSLP eligibility rate for their area?
Q10: What documentation do I need to retain regarding my participation in the E-Rate program?
Q11: Can a grant or funding from a federal agency be used for the applicant’s portion of costs that the applicant is responsible for?

Category Two (C2)

Q12: How is a library’s square footage calculated for C2 purposes?
Q13: How do C2 budgets work for libraries?
Q14: How does a non-Tribal library system calculate its C2 budget?
Q16: Which tools can I use to see how much C2 funding my entity has for the current period (FY2021-FY2025)?
Q17: My library has expanded. How can I request an increase in my square footage? When should I make this request?

Cost Allocations

Q18: What is a cost allocation?
Q19: Wireless services may extend beyond the bounds of a library’s walls. Is this permissible under E-Rate rules? Do we have to cost allocate for the services that extend beyond the boundaries?
Q20: When do I need to perform a cost allocation if we have an ineligible office that occasionally uses the E-Rate-funded Internet service?
Q21: Do I need to cost allocate portions of cabling attached to security cameras?
Q22: Can you please provide some examples of where a cost allocation would be used for a library?

Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA)

Q23: What is CIPA?
Q24: What is required under CIPA?
Q25: How long do E-Rate program participants have to implement the requirements under CIPA?