Tribal Applicants

Before You Begin

Q1: Is there a Tribal definition for the purposes of E-rate?
Q2: What is required for a Tribal library to be eligible for E-Rate? 
Q3: What documentation is required for libraries to show Tribal status? 
Q4: Who designates a library as a Tribal library?
Q5: When is the Tribal College and University (TCU) library designation effective?
Q6: If I am unsure of my technology needs, are there any tools that I can use to assess my current library’s broadband services and what my library’s IT needs may be?

Applying for Discounts

Q7: Can a Tribal applicant use federal matching funds for special construction? 
Q8: What will USAC evaluate to determine if I may receive additional E-Rate discounts to match state, Tribal, or federal funding for my special construction funding request?
Q9: Does USAC have a list of state, federal, or Tribal sources of funding that have been deemed eligible for the purposes of obtaining additional E-Rate discounts for special construction charges? 
Q10: Can a grant or funding from a federal agency be used for the applicant’s portion of costs that the applicant is responsible for?
Q11: How do Tribal libraries calculate their square footage calculated for C2 purposes?
Q12: How does a Tribal library calculate its C2 budget?