Eligible Services

Classification of Category One and Category Two services

Q1: Are costs for applicant-owned wide area networks (WAN) now eligible as Category One services?
Q2: What is a WAN for the purposes of the E-Rate program?
Q3: How are connections between buildings of a single school classified?
Q4: What if the different schools or libraries are located on the same campus? Are the connections installed between them eligible for Category One support?
Q5: Isn’t a connection that crosses a public right-of-way eligible for Category One support, and any fiber connection that does not cross a public right-of-way an internal connection?
Q6: So, in the high-rise example above, if three floors of the building are occupied by instructional facilities of a single school, the connections installed between the floors occupied by the single school would be internal connections?
Q7: What about a single school campus that is intersected by a public right-of-way, with instructional buildings located on either side of the public right-of-way? Would the connections between all of the instructional buildings be internal connections?
Q8: What about a single school with multiple campuses that are located miles apart? Would connections installed between the instructional buildings on the different campuses be internal connections?

Voice Services

Q10: Are data plans and air cards still eligible?

Bus Wi-Fi

Q12: Is Wi-Fi on school buses eligible?
Q13: What school vehicles are eligible for Wi-Fi?
Q14: What are the restrictions for Wi-Fi on school buses?
Q15: Can a security camera be used on the bus?
Q16: How many providers can there be for school bus Wi-Fi?
Q17: How does school bus Wi-Fi factor into competitive bidding?
Q18: How do I seek bids on school bus Wi-Fi?
Q19: Are portable Wi-Fi devices for buses eligible for E-Rate?
Q20: If buses equipped with Wi-Fi are parked, may the Wi-Fi be available for educational purposes by allowing students and/or teachers to log onto the Wi-Fi with their credentials?
Q21: Can applicants request installation/configuration services for existing district owned bus Wi-Fi equipment?  For example, a district that has Wi-Fi equipment installed in a school bus owned by a transportation company would be contracting with a new company and wants to have the district-owned Wi-Fi equipment removed from the former bus company’s buses and installed in the buses of the new bus transportation company.