Low Cost High Speed Internet Access

Q1: Do I always have to post an FCC Form 470 and conduct a competitive bidding process to receive E-Rate program funding for Internet Access (C1 only)?
Q2: If I am exempt from filing FCC Form 470, how do I start the application process?
Q3: Must the Internet Access meet all the criteria to qualify for funding?
Q4: I don’t have a service provider that can offer those bandwidth speeds. Can I still use this exemption?
Q5: Can I use this exemption to get support for a telecommunications broadband circuit?
Q6: What types of Internet connections can this be used for? For example, must the connection be provided over fiber or over cable?
Q7: I have three libraries that need Internet Access. Company A advertised in the local paper that it provides Internet Access at 100 Mbps downstream and 20 Mbps upstream for a cost of $250 per month per location with no installation charge. Would this offering be eligible for the exemption?
Q8: I have two schools that are interested in this exemption. The Internet Access cost for one school is $3,000 per year, but the cost for the second school is $4,000 per year. Can I average the cost for the two schools to fall below the $3,600 per entity annual limit?
Q9: I’d like to use this exemption to purchase Internet Access for my administrative office, which is a non-instructional facility. Is that allowed?