Competitive Bidding & FCC Form 470

Q1: When can I file an FCC Form 470?
Q2: What is an RFP and is one required?
Q3: How do I count the 28-day competitive bidding waiting period? Do I exclude weekends and holidays?
Q4: What changes can I make to my FCC Form 470?
Q5: How do I make corrections to the FCC Form 470?
Q6: My FCC Form 470 does not show the correct number of entities. What do I need to do?
Q7: What service/function should I list this service/product under on the FCC Form 470?
Q8: Is an FCC Form 470 always required?
Q9: What if there is only one service provider in my area? Am I still required to file an FCC Form 470?
Q10: What should I do if I submitted and certified an FCC Form 470 and left off some services?
Q11: What if I don’t receive any bids?
Q12: What can I do if I only receive one bid? Can I choose it?
Q13: Do I have to choose the bid with the lowest price?
Q14: As a service provider, how do I submit a bid on the equipment and services requested?
Q15: Can I submit a bid after 28 calendar days have passed?
Q16: What do I do if I get “Robobids”, SPAM bids, or bids that are not responsive to the equipment and services I am requesting?