Q1: What documents does E-Rate require to establish a consortia?
Q2: Can a consortium lead file an FCC Form 470 to seek bids for services on behalf of eligible entities, even if the entities themselves do sign individual contracts with the service providers and file requests for funding?
Q3: A number of entities would like to form a consortium and apply for funding. Is there a streamlined way to provide information to establish a large group of entities?
Q4: How does a consortium calculate its discount rate for a particular application? Can there be different discount rates on different applications from the same consortium?
Q5: How is the invoicing method determined for consortia funding requests?
Q6: What are the differences between the BEAR and SPI methods for invoicing?
Q7: How does a consortium ensure the non-discount share is paid?
Q8: Who pays the non-discount share for consortia funding requests?
Q9: In a consortium, who is responsible for retaining documents related to the application process and invoicing under 47 CFR § 54.516?