Hurricane Relief Orders

About the FCC Emergency E-Rate Assistance Order and General Questions

Q1: What does FCC Order FCC 17-139 mean for schools and libraries impacted by the recent hurricanes?
Q2: Specifically, what relief can I receive?
Q3: What deadline relief can I receive?
Q4: What is my first step as a Directly Impacted Applicant? How do I apply for the additional funding?
Q5: What must a school or library certify in order to obtain benefits as a Directly Impacted Applicant?
Q6: What is the deadline for submitting FCC Form 471 FY 2017 applications for the Second FY 2017 Application Window?
Q7: Do I still have to file for Funding Year 2018?
Q8: Will my FY 2018 funding be impacted because I applied for funding in the Second FY 2017 Application Window?
Q9: I qualify as a Directly Impacted Applicant and want to take advantage of all of the different kinds of relief. How do I do this?
Q10: The FCC’s Order seems to suggest that any funding I receive in excess of the cost for products and services requested in my application must be returned to USAC. Is this true?


Q11: How do I know if I’m eligible for relief?
Q12: I meet the definition of both a Directly Impacted Applicant and an Indirectly Impacted School. Can I get relief as both types of entities?
Q13: My school or library is not located in the area designated for individual assistance but I still sustained damage as a result of one of the Hurricanes. What relief is available to me?
Q14: I received a number of displaced students. What relief is available to me?
Q15: My school district’s student population increased by 5 percent overall. Is this sufficient or does each school have to show an increase in population of 5 percent or more?
Q16: My school increased its student population by over five percent of my pre-Hurricane count due to an influx of displaced students. My school is not located in an area designated by FEMA as eligible for individual assistance as result of Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, or Maria. Can I still seek relief?
Q17: My school lost students and then regained other students because of evacuation patterns in my community. What student count do I use to determine if I have experienced a 5 percent or more increase?
Q18: My student population increased as a result of other natural disasters other than from Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria. Am I eligible for relief?
Q19: My school is providing additional services, but has not experienced a 5 percent net increase in student population due to the influx of students displaced by the Hurricanes. Is my school still eligible for relief?
Q20: Some of the schools in my district or libraries in my system were damaged and others were not. Can I apply for relief?
Q21: In my district of 15 schools, 12 were completely destroyed and three were undamaged. I have a funding commitment for recurring services for all 15 schools. Can I use the entire commitment for FY 2017 even though the 12 schools are not expected to reopen this year?
Q22: If I don’t apply in the Second FY 2017 Application Window as a Directly Impacted Applicant, am I still eligible for a higher discount?

FCC Form 470

Q23: For the Second FY 2017 Application Window, do I have to post a new FCC Form 470?
Q24: How do I file the FCC Form 470 for the Second FY 2017 Application Window?
Q25: I plan to file a new FCC Form 470. How quickly can I purchase the services requested?
Q26: How do I indicate on the FCC Form 470 that the request is for a Directly Impacted Applicant or Indirectly Impacted School?
Q27: If I submit a new FCC Form 470 for the Second FY 2017 Application Window, how will service providers be able to search and find bid opportunities?
Q28: Can a state agency file an FCC Form 470 that then results in a contract that is not signed by the state? For example, can a state file a FCC Form 470 and then leave the vendor selection and contract award to the local school or library districts?
Q29: The Necessary Resources certification on the FCC Forms 470 and 471 states that the applicant has secured access to all of the resources necessary to use the services purchased effectively. How can I make this certification truthfully if I do not have, for example, an approved budget or a current assessment of damage to my computers?
Q30: I am a Service Provider looking for applicants that need to purchase products and services destroyed or damaged by the Hurricanes. Where do I find these opportunities?

FCC Form 471

Q31: Can applicants ask for more funding than they did in the first FY 2017 application window?
Q32: Can an entity repeat a funding request on a FY 2017 Form 471 filed in the second FY 2017 application window if the entity does not yet have a funding commitment on its first FY 2017 request?
Q33: Is the Category Two budget reset for each individual school or for its entire school district?
Q34: Do I have to apply in the Second FY 2017 Application Window to have my Category Two budget reset?

Service Providers

Q35: My service provider wants to waive my non-discounted share as a sign of support for our district. Is that OK?
Q36: My service provider wants to provide some additional eligible equipment and services for free or as a donation as a sign of support for our district. Is that OK?
Q37: I need my network to be up and running right now. A new service provider said they can fix it today. Can I just take their bid?

Service Substitutions

Document Retention

Q39: I lost all of my records during the flooding. What should I do now?

Eligible Equipment and Equipment Transfers

Q40: Some of my facilities have closed and the district is in the process of evaluating which facilities will reopen and when. If I can salvage some of my equipment, where can I use it?
Q41: If a consortium owned a piece of equipment located at a damaged school, can the consortium replace the equipment at an 85 percent discount?
Q42: If there was no damage to eligible equipment and services as a result of the Hurricanes but there was physical damage to my school or library (e.g., part of the roof was damaged), am I eligible for relief?

Eligible Services

Q43: If a school had an old router that was damaged, can the school replace the router for one with more advanced capabilities?