Schools and Libraries (E-Rate)

Step 1 Competitive Bidding

Consultant Registration Numbers

A consultant is defined as any non-employee of the entity applying for funding that assists in filling out the application materials for a fee. Consulting firms in EPC may be organizations with one or more employees or they may be individuals.

A consulting firm must obtain a Consultant Registration Number (CRN), a unique eight-digit identification number assigned by USAC. Employees of a consulting firm do not obtain individual CRNs; instead, they use the CRN of the consulting firm that employs them.

Applicants that use the services of a consultant must identify the consultant by entering the consulting firm's CRN in the applicant's E-rate Productivity Center (EPC) account profile, and adding individual consultants within the consulting firm as existing users.

Obtaining a CRN

To request a CRN or to change information linked to an existing CRN, a consultant should call the Client Service Bureau (CSB) at (888) 203-8100 and be prepared to provide the following consultant information:

  • Consulting firm name
  • Consulting firm street address, city, state, and zip code
  • Consulting firm telephone number
  • Consulting firm email address

Provide the following information for the person who should be assigned the account administrator role for the consulting firm:

  • Account administrator's name
  • Account administrator's job title
  • Account administrator's address
  • Account administrator's telephone number
  • Account administrator's email address

If there is already a CRN on file, and if there are no changes to any of the contact information, USAC will provide the CRN over the phone.

If there is no CRN on file, USAC will create a new record. If there are changes required to an existing record, USAC will request that the changes be sent by email.

How to Add a Consultant to Your EPC Account
  1. Link the consulting firm to your organization through the "Manage Organization Relationships" link.
  2. Add the individual consultant (the employee of the consulting firm who is working with you) to your organization as a user through the "Add or Remove Users" link.
  3. Assign user rights to the individual consultant using the "Manage User Permissions" link.

You can watch a video or review the Managing Users guide for specific details on adding a consultant.

Permission Levels for Consultants

When you assign user rights to your consultant, you can choose from three permission levels:

  • Full rights: They can complete and certify forms on your behalf, and update profile information.
  • Partial rights: They can complete (but not certify) forms, and update profile information.
  • View-only rights: They can review (but not update) forms and profile information.
Consultants Cannot Be Your Account Administrator

Schools and libraries can only link consultants with accounts in EPC to their organization. Do not create an account for the consultant through the school/library.

It is especially important that the school/library does not make their consultant the "account administrator." For security purposes, the account administrator must be an employee of the school or library.

Instead, the consultant needs to create their account through their consulting organization (which has its own, separate EPC account), and then ask the school/library to link them to the school/library organization.