Manage ACP Subscribers

The National Lifeline Accountability Database (NLAD) allows service providers to manage the enrollment of their Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) subscribers. It works in conjunction with the National Verifier and service providers’ approved alternative verification processes: consumers apply to the ACP through the National Verifier or their provider, and their service provider enrolls them in NLAD.

Service providers must enroll subscribers in NLAD to claim reimbursements.

How to Use NLAD

Like many of the ACP systems, NLAD is a Lifeline system that USAC has expanded to administer the ACP. To learn more about the basics of using NLAD, as well as how to use it for the ACP, please refer to these pages:

Keep NLAD Up-to-Date

NLAD confirms that a customer has qualified through the National Verifier (unless the customer was enrolled through an approved alternative verification process) and prevents subscribers form claiming more than one ACP discount. Service providers cannot claim reimbursement for a subscriber unless they are entered in NLAD at the time of the monthly snapshot. Please update NLAD every time a subscriber’s status changes, including changes to their information (for example, a change of address) within ten (10) business days.

When a service provider de-enrolls a subscribers from the ACP, they must update NLAD within one (1) business day.

Learn More

Beyond the NLAD resources in the ACP pages, you can also: