Important News: On January 11, the FCC released an Order announcing the wind-down requirements of the Affordable Connectivity Program, due to a lack of additional funding from Congress. On March 4, the FCC provided further information in a Public Notice that announced the last fully funded month of the program is April 2024. In March, the FCC provided further information in a Public Notice that May 2024 will be the last month providers will be able to seek reimbursement for benefits passed through to ACP households. The FCC also announced, in its April Public Notice, the maximum partial reimbursement amounts for the May 2024 service month. Providers currently participating in the ACP are strongly encouraged to review the FCC’s Order and Public Notices, which set out requirements regarding the specific and frequent notices to enrolled ACP households about the end of the program.

Note: Service providers remain subject to most consumer protection requirements of the Commission’s rules, which continue to apply for as long as subscribers receive the ACP benefit.

Q: What is the ACP?

A: The Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) is a U.S. government program run by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to help low-income households pay for internet service and connected devices.

The ACP offers a discount of up to $30 per month toward internet service for eligible households and up to $75 per month for households on qualifying Tribal lands. Eligible households can also receive a one-time discount of up to $100 to purchase a laptop, desktop computer, or tablet from participating providers if they contribute more than $10 and less than $50 toward the purchase price.

Q: Why can’t consumers apply for the ACP?

A: As of February 8, 2024, the ACP stopped accepting new applications or enrollments. Consumers already enrolled in the program will continue to receive their benefit until funding runs out. The last fully funded month of the program is April 2024.  Service providers are required to inform consumers when the ACP discount on their monthly bill will end.

Q: Are there additional resources on the ACP Wind-Down?

A: For more information on the ACP Wind-Down please review any of the following resources:

We also encourage service providers to read the FCC’s Order, released on January 11, 2024, announcing procedures, important dates, and the impact the ACP Wind-Down is expected to have on consumers and providers.

Q: What happens if Congress provides additional funding for the ACP?

A: If Congress provides additional funding for the ACP, the FCC will provide further guidance on the program.

Q: How many notices are service providers required to send ACP subscribers?

A: Service providers are required to send at least three (3) written notices to households enrolled in the ACP in the same way they normally communicate with households – in their preferred language and by either email, text, or in the mail along with their bill.

Households should have already received the first and second notices. The first notice was due by January 25, 2024, and the second notice was due by March 19, 2024.

The third outreach notice must coincide with the last bill or billing cycle in which the full ACP benefit is applied and communicate the following to ACP households:

  1. That the ACP is ending,
  2. The impact on their bill,
  3. The date of the last bill they will receive that includes the ACP benefit, and
  4. That they may change their service or opt-out of continuing service after the end of the ACP.

Q: Are service providers required to notify subscribers if they intend to pass through a partial benefit in May 2024?

A: If subscribers have opted in to continue to receive and pay for broadband service after the full ACP benefit is no longer applied, service providers are required to send a notice to subscribers if they are passing along a partial benefit in May 2024.

The written notice must inform subscribers that the benefit amount applied to the May bill may be less than the full ACP benefit the household has been receiving and that the household will be subject to the provider’s fully undiscounted rates and general terms and conditions after the last bill that the partial benefit is applied.

This information can be included in the other required notices or sent separately.

Q: What transactions can service providers perform in NLAD, after the enrollment freeze?

A: Service providers can still access NLAD through One Portal and can perform all transaction types in NLAD except ‘Enroll’.

Service providers can perform verify, transfer, update, and de-enroll transactions in NLAD during the enrollment freeze.

Q: Are benefit transfers still allowed after the enrollment freeze?

A: Yes, service providers are still able, but not required, to perform transfer transactions. During the enrollment freeze, any active subscriber can transfer to a new provider. They will not be required to requalify before transferring.

Service providers are still required to obtain consumer consent before completing this transaction and all rules related to transfer limits will still apply.

Q: What happens if a consumer is accidentally de-enrolled after February 8?

A: If a consumer is de-enrolled from the ACP after the enrollment freeze, the consumer will not be able to re-apply or re-enroll in the ACP.

Q: What are the deadlines for submitting reimbursement claims in the Affordable Connectivity Claims System?

A: As of February 1, 2024, providers have a two-month window to submit original claims or upward revisions.

Service providers can refer to the table below for an outline of data months and corresponding filing deadlines:

Data Month Filing Deadline
February 2024 5/1/2024
March 2024 6/3/2024
April 2024 (Last Fully Funded Month) 7/1/2024
May 2024 (Partial Claims Available) 8/1/2024

Q: Are service providers required to pass through the ACP benefit to subscribers after the last fully funded month – April 2024?

A: Providers are not required to pass through benefits to ACP households after April 2024. Service providers who elect to not pass through any benefits to ACP households after April 2024 should not de-enroll subscribers from the National Lifeline Accountability Database (NLAD) unless required by program rules.

Q: Can service providers claim partial reimbursements for service and devices offered in May 2024?

A: Yes, service providers offering ACP-supported service and devices in May 2024 can claim reimbursement for benefits passed through to ACP subscribers, up to the following maximum partial reimbursement amounts announced by the FCC April 9 Public Notice:

Benefit Type Statutory Maximum Maximum Reimbursement Amount for May 2024
Non-Tribal Service Benefit $30 per month $14
Tribal Lands Service Benefit $75 per month $35
ACP Connected Device Benefit $100 per device $47

Service providers are encouraged to make efforts to keep consumers connected. If service providers decide to pass through benefits to ACP households in May 2024, they are not limited by the partial reimbursement amounts and can offer a discount larger than the maximum partial reimbursement. However, service providers will not be reimbursed beyond the maximum reimbursement figures announced by the FCC.