National Lifeline Accountability Database (NLAD)

Q1: I forgot my password. What should I do?
Q2: How do I change/create the NLAD ETC Admin?
Q3: How do I create subaccounts?
Q4: How can I reset my API login credentials?
Q5: What is the difference between the NLAD Pre-production and NLAD Production environments?
Q6: Where can I receive support for technical questions about NLAD?
Q7: Where can I get a list of all of my subscribers in NLAD?
Q8: Why can’t I enroll/transfer/update a subscriber
Q10: What is the purpose of the Verify function?
Q11: How do I handle subscribers with two last names?
Q12: How do I fix an error or typo on a subscriber’s name?
Q13: When is it appropriate to use the Lifeline Tribal Benefit?
Q14: What is a BQP?
Q15: I accidentally enrolled a subscriber with the wrong SAC. How do I fix this?
Q16: How will I know if a subscriber was transferred?
Q17: How do I upload more than one subscriber at a time?
Q18: How can I see the status of my upload?
Q19: I have received an error message stating that some rows in the uploaded batch file were rejected and not uploaded into NLAD. How do I resolve this issue?
Q20: Why am I receiving a Too Many Headers system error?
Q21: When I upload the subscriber file, if the first digit of a number is 0, the 0 gets dropped. What can I do?