Step 6: Required Reports

Connected Care Pilot Program Reporting Requirements

Pilot projects participating in the Connected Care Pilot Program (CCPP) are required to submit the following reports:

  • an annual report after their first year of funding,
  • an annual report after their second year of funding,
  • and a final report after their final year of funding that contains data for the final year of funding, and summarizes final results.

The first year for a particular Project begins on the starting date for that Project.

Why the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Needs This Information:

The FCC launched CCPP to examine how the Universal Service Fund can help support the trend towards connected care services, particularly for low-income Americans and veterans. The Pilot Program will provide meaningful data that will help them better understand how Universal Service Funds can support health care provider and patient use of connected care services. The data provided will help the FCC determine how it can support connected care services going forward.

Report Submission:

Pilot projects must use the provided form to submit the required reports. The form may be accessed through My Portal. The required reports can be submitted by any individual authorized to submit the reports on behalf of a particular Pilot project. Failure to submit the required reports may result in either the disqualification of the selected participant from the Pilot Program, loss or reduction of support, or recovery of prior disbursements.

Reporting Deadlines:

The reports for the first and second year are due six months after the end of the first and second year of the Project. The final report is due six months after the end date of the Project. The project start date is the date that a Pilot project begins to receive supported services, and occurs after the issuance of a Funding Commitment Letter (FCL) by USAC.