Step 3: Submit Funding Requests

Once you select a service provider and sign a contract, you will then submit the FCC Form 462 (Funding Request Form). The FCC Form 462 provides information to USAC about the services, or network equipment, selected, as well as how much funding you are requesting. It also certifies that the services selected were the most cost-effective of the offers received during competitive bidding. All projects selected for the Connected Care Pilot Program must submit this form.

Information on the FCC Form 462 includes the type of service(s) or network equipment; rates; name of service provider(s); and date(s) of service provider selection. You can include multiple expenses on one FCC Form 462 if they are from the same service provider. If you are requesting services from multiple service providers, submit one FCC Form 462 per service provider.

You must submit the FCC Form 462 with all supporting documentation (e.g., copies of all bids received, the bid evaluation criteria, scoring matrix, signed contract, etc.).

Program rules prohibit CCPP projects from receiving funding for the same service for the same sites from more than one FCC program. This includes the RHC programs (HCF and Telecom), the COVID-19 Telehealth Program and the Connected Care Pilot Program.

Multi-Year Contracts

Participating HCPs with multi-year contracts may submit a single funding request for the full period covered by the contract. For example, if you enter into a three-year contract you can submit a single funding request for the full three years of your Connected Care Pilot Program participation. However, if you elect to enter into a one-year contract, you will have to competitively bid and submit a new funding request for each subsequent year of Connected Care funding.

Things to Know

Funding Requests: As you submit your FCC Form 462, please upload all required documentation with your form. If USAC does not receive sufficient documentation, RHC Program reviewers will reach out to you with a request for more information (“Information Request”). Reviewers send Information Requests to collect any missing documentation, address deficiencies, or to ask clarifying questions about the FCC form. If you receive an Information Request, you must respond to it within 14 calendar days. Failure to respond within 14 calendar days will result in a denial of your funding request.

NOTE: Forms that are in draft status are not considered submitted. Each FCC Form 462 must be signed, certified, and submitted.

When to Submit the FCC Form 462

On May 20, 2022, the FCC release Public Notice DA 22-560 summarizing upcoming Connected Care Pilot Program (CCPP) deadlines. The deadline for all selected CCPP projects to submit their initial funding request for funding (FCC Form 462) is September 16, 2022.

All projects must submit their FCC Form(s) 462 by the applicable deadline. Please note that this process differs from the Healthcare Connect Fund (HCF) program, which operates under filing windows.

How this Step Differs from the HCF Program

The Connected Care Pilot Program FCC Form 462:

  • You will select which program you are requesting funding for (Connected Care Pilot Program rather than HCF Program)
  • You will be allowed to select the Connected Care-specific competitive bidding exemption
  • You will complete additional certifications specific to Connected Care and certain HCF Program specific certifications will be removed
  • You will now be able to select “individual patient” as an option for the source of the HCP 15% contribution.