Pre-Selection Process (Complete)

The Connected Care Pilot Program is no longer accepting applications. Before selection, applicants received an eligibility determination and submitted an Application to the FCC. More details about the application and eligibility determination process can be found below.

Determine Eligibility

As a reminder to Pilot Program participants, each health care provider (HCP) site that seeks to receive supported services and/or network equipment under the Connected Care Pilot Program must have an approved FCC Form 460 on file. The FCC considers each health care provider site or location as an individual health care site for purposes of calculating support under the RHC Program. Each physical location with a separate street address is considered a “site” for purposes of filing the FCC Form 460. Therefore, each site must demonstrate that, by itself, it is an eligible entity.

Applicants that have a single FCC Form 460 but intend to implement connected care services with funding from this program at multiple sites must obtain FCC Form 460s for additional locations. Applicants that need to add or change locations during the course of the Pilot Program may do so by filing a site change/substitution. Learn more about requesting a site change or substitution.

Submit Application

After receiving an approved FCC Form 460, interested parties submitted an application to the FCC.

Selection Announcements

On January 19, 2021, the FCC announced the first set of selected applicants in PN 21-12. The second set of selected projects was announced on June 17, 2021 in PN 21-17. Selected projects can begin the next steps in the funding process.