National Verifier February 2019 Launch

Service providers in Alaska, American Samoa, District of Columbia, Delaware, Maine, Northern Mariana Islands, Rhode Island, and Virgin Islands must use the National Verifier to determine the eligibility of all Lifeline applicants before enrolling them in the program. Service providers will only be able to enroll applicants in NLAD if they have an active and approved eligibility decision from the National Verifier.

Consumers in the February 2019 launch who wish to apply for Lifeline through the National Verifier can use the consumer portal or submit a paper application directly to the Lifeline Support Center.

NLAD Legacy Mode

Service providers must now use the National Verifier for all transactions. Service providers can no longer use the toggle feature to switch between NLAD’s legacy (non-National Verifier) and National Verifier modes for SACs in the February 2019 launch.

Service providers will continue to see the toggle if they use NLAD via its website, but they will not be able to switch between “On” and “Off.” The toggle in these states will remain “On.”

NLAD National Verifier API Request

API users in the February 2019 launch must use the full (hard) launch NLAD National Verifier API request. If a service provider sends an API request that does not include the National Verifier indicator, they will receive an error.

Users can find all the information needed in the API Specifications currently available in NLAD.

General Reverification

Reverification is the one-time process to ensure that all Lifeline subscribers meet the program’s eligibility requirements.

For a walk-through of the February 2019 launch reverification process, view the National Verifier Reverification Process – February 2019 Launch slide deck.

February 2019 Launch – Reverification Timeline
Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 Group 4
Existing Documents Due N/A 8/1/2019 8/1/2019 8/1/2019

Opt Out of USAC Conducted Reverification

Service providers that opt out of the USAC conducted outreach process will receive separate notices regarding the final documentation deadlines and the outreach requirements.


For information specific to recertification, view the National Verifier Recertification slide deck.

Training and Support

To review training sessions specific to the National Verifier, visit the Webinars page.