Eligibility Check API

The National Verifier Eligibility Check allows Lifeline service providers to connect their online applications with the National Verifier. This enables Lifeline consumers to apply to Lifeline through a provider's website.

The National Verifier Eligibility Check APIs

  • An API, or application program interface, allows two software programs to interact with one another.
  • Two APIs are available for use in the production environment. The APIs allow service providers to directly integrate their Lifeline enrollment platforms with the National Verifier.  The use of such a connection is fully optional.

The Two APIs:

  1. An Eligibility Check API – This API initiates a new application and eligibility check in the National Verifier after a consumer applies with a service provider’s system. The National Verifier checks include validations to verify the consumer’s identity, address, eligibility, and duplicate status (address/subscriber).
  2. A Status Check API – This API allows a user to check the status of an application using a unique identifier (token) generated and returned during the eligibility check.

Service providers interested in connecting should keep reading.

Building an API Connection

Step One: Submit a Signed Interconnection Security Agreement (ISA) to USAC

An ISA is an agreement established between USAC and service providers to document the technical requirements and security components of the interconnections between IT systems. Having an ISA in place is a federal security standards best practice.

You will be able to use the staging environment for testing purposes without a signed agreement, but a signed ISA is required to establish an API connection with the National Verifier production environment.

To complete the ISA, please follow the steps below:

Step One: Log in to One Portal, continue to NLAD, and access the ISA template under the “Reports and Tools” section.

Step Two: Fill out and sign the ISA. Service providers must send the completed agreement to us along with the information below:

  • The API ID(s) they would like to register for National Verifier API production access. If they have not created an API ID yet, the ETC Administrator within the company will be able to create an API account in NLAD.
  • If they wish to register a service provider website domain, that can be provided within the available National Verifier APIs (referenced in the National Verifier API Specifications document), service providers must provide them in the following format:

“Lifeline Carrier Name – https://www.S@MPLELifelineProvider.com/”

Step Three: Email Lifeline Program with subject line: “NVEC ISA”:

  • The completed and signed ISA,
  • The API IDs, and
  • The domain.

Step Two: Review the API Specifications

Information on how a service provider can integrate the National Verifier into their existing business models is available within the National Verifier API Specifications document.

A copy of the API Specifications is available to service providers by logging in to the One Portal and continuing to NLAD where the document can be found under the “Reports and Tools” section.

Step Three: Complete Technical Development and Test

Technical work is required to establish an API connection. The API Specifications will assist technical teams with development.