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National Verifier

The Lifeline National Eligibility Verifier (National Verifier) is a centralized system that determines whether subscribers are eligible for Lifeline. USAC manages the National Verifier and its customer service department, the Lifeline Support Center.

During the National Verifier soft launch period, service providers will receive access to the National Verifier pre-production (test) environment to test out the system functionalities with mock data. At soft launch, service providers may help consumers apply to the Lifeline Program through the National Verifier service provider portal or by mail.

At the National Verifier full (hard) launch, service providers must use the National Verifier when helping consumers apply to the Lifeline Program. Consumers may also apply to the Lifeline Program on their own, through the National Verifier consumer portal or by mail.

Please note that any NLAD Dispute Resolution request sent two business days before full (hard) launch will be rejected. If an NLAD transaction requires a dispute resolution within this window, it will need to be performed on or after full (hard) launch.

National Verifier Launch Map


This map illustrates that all 56 states and territories have launched in the National Verifier.


The map above demonstrates that all states and territories have launched in the National Verifier (including the Opt-Out or December 20th launch). For information on which launch each state and territory is in, visit the National Verifier Launch page.

Stay Up To Date

We will use the National Verifier web pages and the National Verifier launch state email distribution lists to communicate with the service providers participating in the National Verifier.

If you have colleagues who need to be added to this list, or you have not received any communication from USAC regarding states that you do business that have already launched, email us at


If you need assistance or have any questions related to the National Verifier, contact us at