Schools & Libraries Committee

USAC’s Schools & Libraries Committee consists of seven USAC board members, including three school representatives, one library representative, one service provider representative, one at-large representative elected by the board, and USAC’s chief executive officer. Minutes for the Schools & Libraries Committee meetings are available online.

Members of the Committee

Name Representing
Dr. Dan Domenech, Chair Schools
Amber Gregory Libraries
Julie Tritt Schell, Vice Chair Schools
Dr. Joan H. Wade Schools
Ken Mason Service Providers
Alan Buzacott At-Large Member
Brent Fontana At-Large
Christine Sanquist At-Large
Radha Sekar Chief Executive Officer

The Schools & Libraries Committee has the power and authority to act on behalf of USAC to make decisions concerning:

  • how USAC projects demand for the Schools and Libraries Program;
  • development of applications and associated instructions as needed for the program;
  • administration of the application process, including activities to ensure compliance with Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rules and regulations;
  • performance of outreach and education functions;
  • review of bills for services that are submitted by schools and libraries;
  • the classification of schools and libraries as urban or rural and the use of the discount matrix established in Section 54.505 of FCC rules to set the discount rate to be applied to services purchased by eligible schools and libraries;
  • performance of audits of beneficiaries under the Schools and Libraries Program; and
  • development and implementation of other functions unique to the Schools and Libraries Program.