Audit Committee

The USAC Audit Committee consists of five members: a representative from each of the three programmatic committees and two at-large board members, the latter two preferably with financial, auditing, and/or accounting experience. Minutes for the Audit Committee meetings are available online.

Members of the Committee

Name Representing
Geoff Feiss, Chair At-Large Member
Joseph Gillan High Cost & Low Income Committee
Brent Fontana Rural Health Care Committee
Stephanie Polk, Vice Chair  At-Large Member
Julie Tritt Schell Schools & Libraries Committee

The Audit Committee has the power and authority to act on behalf of USAC to make decisions concerning:

  • review of audit processes and procedures including the scope and contents of all internal and external audits;
  • receipt and review of all audit reports relating to USAC or any participant in the universal service support programs;
  • review of the manner in which audits are performed to ensure that management has interposed no limitations on audits;
  • review of the management response letters provided to external auditors or other organizations on any weaknesses in internal accounting, organization, or operating controls, and approval of appropriate action;
  • review of the annual financial statements and the external audit reports attached to those statements;
  • review of and/or initiation of any other act necessary to ensure compliance with applicable law and the safeguarding of USAC assets, or prompt remedial action relating to identified shortcomings;
  • review, evaluation, and consideration of the adequacy of the systems of internal controls;
  • annual evaluation of the internal and external audits and consideration of the annual audit plans and reports;
  • participation in the selection of external and internal auditors;
  • approval and periodic review of the Internal Audit Division Charter;
  • meetings with the Vice President of Internal Audit Division and the external auditors;
  • review and acceptance of annual internal audit plan; and
  • performance of periodic review of the Audit Committee Charter and self-assessment of Audit Committee performance.