Audit Committee

The USAC Audit Committee consists of five members: a representative from each of the three programmatic committees and two at-large board members, the latter two preferably with financial, auditing, and/or accounting experience. Minutes for the Audit Committee meetings are available online.

Members of the Committee

Name Representing
Julie Tritt Schell, Chair At-Large Member
Stephanie Polk, Vice Chair At-Large Member
Sheba Chacko High Cost & Low Income Committee
Brent Fontana Rural Health Care Committee
Amber Gregory Schools & Libraries Committee

The Audit Committee’s roles and responsibilities include:

  • annual review and approval of the Audit Committee Charter and self-assessment of Audit Committee performance;
  • as necessary, review and approval of the appointment, replacement, reassignment, or material changes in the role and/or responsibilities of the Vice President of Audit and Assurance Division;
  • annual review and approval of the Audit and Assurance Division (AAD) Charter, organizational structure, budget, activities, and significant changes to the Strategic Audit Plan, as needed;
  • annual review and approval of the Strategic (Internal) Audit plan and associated audit reports;
  • annual review and approval of the independence and financial literacy of Audit Committee members;
  • triennial review and approval of the Peer Review audit reports conducted by external auditors (as required by Generally Accepted Government Auditing Standards and the Institute for Internal Auditors);
  • quarterly review of the AAD’s operational performance by evaluating key performance indicators;
  • annual review of USAC’s process to comply with applicable laws and regulations;
  • annual review of the adequacy of USAC’s systems of internal controls;
  • annual review of USAC’s financial reporting process;
  • annual review of the results of USAC’s annual Financial Statements audit and Agreed-Upon Procedures report, including management responses to any deficiencies or material weaknesses, as appropriate; and
  • meetings with the Vice President of AAD and the external auditors, as appropriate.