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Telecommunications Program

Health Care Providers

Q: When can I apply for support for each funding year?

Funding Year

Q: I have submitted an FCC Form 465. What do I do next?


Q: Which HCPs are eligible to receive universal service benefits?
Q: How will an HCP determine if it is located in a rural area for purposes of eligibility?

Services Eligible for Discount

Q: Is there a limit to the number of services for which an HCP may receive support?

Applying for Supported Services

Q: How does the application process work?
Q: Are eligible HCPs permitted to resell the universal service supported services they receive?

Health Care Providers

Q: What forms must be filed?

My Portal

Q: How are these forms filed?

Calculating Support

Q: How is the urban rate determined?

Telecommunications Program

Q: Why is the Rurality Tier Search Tool unable to search for my address?