Site and Service Substitutions

Site and service substitutions allow you (the HCP)  to reallocate un-invoiced committed funds to substitute the services, modify the services, or provide the requested services to other eligible sites. Substitutions allow the flexibility for a consortium to spend all of the committed funds, even though USAC-supported services or the service location may change over the course of the commitment.

You may request a site and service substitution if:

  • the substitution is provided for in the contract, within the change clause, or constitutes a minor modification,
  • the site is an eligible health care provider and the service is an eligible service under the Healthcare Connect Fund or Telecommunications Program,
  • the substitution does not violate any contract provision or state, Tribal, or local procurement laws, and
  • the requested change is within the scope of the controlling request for services, including any applicable request for proposal used in the competitive bidding process.

How to Submit a Site & Service Substitution

In HCF, you may request a site and/or service substitution within My Portal by clicking on the “Substitution” button on the “Form 462” tab. Through My Portal, you can modify the expense items on the approved FCC Forms 462, including the eligible expense information on existing line items for service upgrades or changes to the financial information. In addition, applicants are required to submit a narrative explaining their Site and Service Substitution with their submission.

For a walk-through of the process in My Portal, watch the Site and Service Substitution Submission Tutorial.

To review the step-by-step process, check out the Site and Service Substitution Guide.

Things to Know

  • Substitution modifications cannot exceed the approved funding amount or de-commit funding that has already been disbursed.
  • Please keep in mind that site and service substitutions take a minimum of 90 days to process. If you have an upcoming invoicing deadline and would like to submit a site and service substitution, please do so with enough time for USAC review.


The material on these webpages is provided for general information only and should not be relied upon or used as the sole basis for making decisions without consulting the RHC Program rules, orders, and other primary sources of information. Applicants and service providers are ultimately responsible for knowing and complying with all RHC Program rules and procedures.