FCC Form 555

Q1: How do I set up user entitlements?
Q2: If the National Verifier conducted all of our recertifications, do we still need to complete FCC Form 555?
Q3: If my company has had no Lifeline subscribers, and didn’t file any Lifeline Reimbursement Claims this year, is the company still required to file FCC Form 555?
Q4: Is non-usage only for certain types of ETCs?
Q5: For block A, who is counted in the “total number of subscribers?”
Q6: For block B, what is the starting point for “de-enrolled prior to recertification attempt?”
Q7: Can the “497 Officer” certify the FCC Form 555 online?
Q8: Do we always file one form per SAC?
Q9: I filed the FCC Form 555 with USAC’s One Portal system. Do I need to submit this form to other entities?
Q10: Where else can I go for help?