Resolving Errors

If you receive an error message during the RAD registration process, you must submit a copy of unexpired documentation that resolves the error along with the RAD cover page to the Lifeline Support Center. In order for the Lifeline Support Center to successfully process your information, please complete each field on the cover page.

You may submit documentation:

  1. Online, through USAC’s secure webpage, or
    • You can review the online document submission guide here
  2. Through the mail, at:
    • Lifeline Support Center:
      P.O. Box 7081
      London, KY 40742


Please note that the following documentation is for representatives that do business in the United States. Information for representatives that are employed outside of the United States will be posted shortly.

The table below reflects what documentation is acceptable documentation for a Date of Birth (DOB) or last 4 digits of Social Security Number (SSN4) error.

Acceptable Documentation DOB SSN4
Driver’s license X
Birth certificate X
W-2 X
Tax return X
Social Security card/ SSA-1099 X
Certificate of Naturalization/ Certificate of U.S. Citizenship X
Permanent Resident Card/Permanent Resident Alien Card X
Federal, state, or tribal ID X X
Passport X
Military discharge documentation X X
Weapons permit X X
Government assistance program documentation X X
Unemployment/workers’ compensation statement of benefits X X

If you receive an “Identity not found” error or if you are identified as a duplicate, you must submit copies of documentation proving

  1. Your date of birth (DOB) and
  2. The last four digits of your social security (SSN4).

If you are identified as deceased, you must submit copies of documentation proving

  1. Your date of birth (DOB),
  2. The last four digits of your social security (SSN4), and
  3. You are alive (one from the list below):
    • Current utility bill
    • Current income statement
    • Current mortgage or lease statement
    • Current retirement/pension statement of benefits
    • Notarized letter affirming the identity and alive status


If you have questions about the registration process or need more information about RAD, contact the service provider for which you perform Lifeline transactions or USAC at or (800) 234-9473.