Manage Representative IDs

Annual Agreement

Process Overview

Enrollment representatives must agree to the terms and conditions of USAC Lifeline systems each year as required in the FCC’s 2019 Lifeline Order.

Representatives must first complete the annual agreement a year from when they initially registered. After that, a representative’s new annual agreement deadline is reset to a year from when they previously completed the annual agreement process. For example, if a representative completes their annual agreement on June 15, 2020, they must next complete the annual agreement by June 15, 2021.

Representatives have the option to complete the annual agreement process at any time by visiting to initiate the process.

At you can:

  1. Read and confirm each statement,
  2. Check the box next to each statement, and
  3. Provide an e-signature by typing in your full legal name.

Representatives who do not complete the annual agreement by their anniversary date will be unable to access USAC Lifeline systems until they do so.

USAC Communication

Representative Outreach

USAC will email representatives a notification thirty days before their annual agreement deadline. Representatives will receive up to three reminders to complete their annual agreement. Once the agreement is complete, any remaining reminders will end.

These notifications will be sent to the email address that the representative submitted during registration. The emails will include a link to that the representative may select to complete the annual agreement process.

Service Provider Information

The Linked Representatives report, available in NLAD to ETC Administrators and 497 Officers, will include each representatives’ annual agreement deadline and the date of the last time that they completed the agreement.

For more information on the annual agreement process please review the May monthly webinar.

Update Personal Information

Representatives can update their information at any time.

  1. Representatives update their email address, physical address, and/or security questions/answers associated with their Representative ID by visiting to begin the process.
  2. Representatives update their name, date of birth (DOB), or last four digits of their social security number (SSN4), by emailing Lifeline Program with the subject line: “Personal Information Change Request for RepID” to begin this process.

Update Email, Address, Security Questions/Answers

To update their email, address, and/or security questions/answers, the representative:

  1. Visits RAD at and clicks “Update,”
  2. Enters their Representative ID or the email address they used to register,
  3. Selects how they want to verify their identity, and
    • The representative can verify their identity by answering their security questions or receiving a notification to the email they used to register.
  4. Verifies their identity.
  5. The representative is taken to the review page where they can edit their email, address, and/or security questions/answers,
  6. Reviews their updated information in RAD before submission, and
  7. Submits the update.
  8. The representative will see the success screen in RAD and receive a confirmation email from USAC that the update is complete.

Update Name, DOB, SSN4

To update their name, DOB, and/or SSN4, the representative:

  1. Emails Lifeline Program with the subject line: “Personal Information Change Request for RepID” to request that their current Representative ID is deactivated,
    • Representatives must include their Representative ID in this email.
  2. Receives an email confirmation from USAC that their current Representative ID has been deactivated,
    • USAC deactivates the Representative ID and unlinks it from any associated account/SPINs.
  3. Visits RAD at to register for a Representative ID with their new or correct personal information, and
  4. Brings their Representative ID to the service providers for which they work so that it can be linked.