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Representative Accountability Database (RAD)

The Representative Accountability Database (RAD) is a registration system that validates the identities of service provider representatives performing transactions in the National Lifeline Accountability Database (NLAD) and the National Verifier.

Your Representative ID is a unique number that connects your identity to the transactions you complete in NLAD and the National Verifier. Do not share your ID number with anyone besides the carrier(s) for which you work.

Note: RAD is now available for optional use in the production environment. The use of RAD will become mandatory Monday, May 25, 2020. This updated timeline is due to FCC’s waiver released in response to COVID-19.  For more information on this upcoming change, visit the RAD Adoption period page.

Representative ID Registration

RAD registration is a two-step process:

  1. Representatives self-register for a Representative ID, which will be needed to perform transactions in NLAD and the National Verifier.
  2. Representatives provide their Representative ID number to each service provider for which they work. Service providers will use the Representative ID to create the representative’s NLAD and/or National Verifier account credentials.

The following NLAD user roles require a Representative ID if the individual in that role is considered an enrollment representative and may perform Lifeline enrollments, eligibility checks, recertifications, etc. (this includes enrollment representatives in opt-out states that use USAC’s systems for these activities):

  • ETC Administrator
  • ETC Analyst
  • ETC Operations
  • ETC Agent

In addition, the list below describes who should register for a Representative ID:

  • Individuals directly interfacing with potential subscribers to enroll them in Lifeline
  • Immediate supervisors of individuals directly interacting with potential subscribers to complete Lifeline enrollments
  • Individuals that contract directly with ETCs and oversee or manage a team of people working to complete Lifeline enrollments (Master Agent)
  • Individuals that either assist subscribers with recertification or prepare subscriber information for recertification and submission to the National Verifier or NLAD
  • Customer service representatives that update Personally Identifiable Information (PII) for existing Lifeline subscribers
  • Back office individuals that conduct manual eligibility reviews of subscriber enrollment or recertification information that is initially submitted through an electronic system, e.g., an online portal, ETC billing system

Please note that service providers are not limited to a specific number of representatives.

Implementation Timeline

The table below provides a breakdown of the RAD implementation timeline:

Date of Change Environment Affected? Description of Change
May 25, 2020 NLAD and National Verifier Production The use of RAD is mandatory. NLAD and National Verifier transactions will require a Representative ID and may receive an error.
December 2019 NLAD Production RAD was released to production and now is available for optional use. ETC Admins may link subaccounts to Representative IDs and 497 Officers may link ETC Admins to Representative IDs.
August 2019 NLAD Staging
  • Service providers may test the validations and errors related to a Representative ID during NLAD transactions.
  • Service providers will receive an error when attempting a transaction in the staging environment that does not have a Representative ID linked to all existing ETC Administrator, ETC Analyst, ETC Operations, and ETC Agent accounts and for any new account created.
  • Service providers may test any errors that they could receive during an API or batch transaction related to the two new Representative ID fields. Service providers may also test the errors they would see if attempting a transaction with an invalid Representative ID on NLAD’s website.
July 2019 NLAD Staging Service providers may begin to test linking Representative IDs to accounts.
June 2019 RAD Production Representatives may begin registering for a Representative ID.

Adoption Period

All enrollment representatives as defined above will register and be validated through RAD. Visit USAC’s RAD Adoption Period page to learn more about this process.

Annual Agreement

Process Overview

Enrollment representatives must agree to the terms and conditions of USAC Lifeline systems each year as required in the FCC’s 2019 Lifeline Order.

Representatives must first complete the annual agreement a year from when they initially registered. After that, a representative’s new annual agreement deadline is reset to a year from when they previously completed the annual agreement process. For example, if a representative completes their annual agreement on June 15, 2020, they must next complete the annual agreement by June 15, 2021.

Representatives have the option to complete the annual agreement process at any time by visiting to initiate the process.

This is done by visiting to:

  1. Read and confirm each statement,
  2. Check the box next to each statement, and
  3. Provide an e-signature by typing in your full legal name.

Representatives who do not complete the annual agreement will be unable to access USAC Lifeline systems until they do so.

Please note that USAC will begin the annual agreement process in late May. For more information about this process, review the May monthly webinar.

USAC Communication

Representative Outreach

USAC will email representatives a notification thirty days before their annual agreement deadline. Representatives will receive up to three reminders to complete their annual agreement. Once the agreement is complete, any remaining reminders will end.

These notifications will be sent to the email address that the representative submitted during registration. The emails will include a link that the representative may select to complete the annual agreement process.

Service Provider Information

The Linked Representatives report, available in NLAD to ETC Administrators and 497 Officers, will include each representatives’ annual agreement deadline and the date of the last time that they completed the agreement.