Q1: Which carriers are required to report geolocated broadband deployment data to the HUBB (High Cost Universal Broadband) portal? Carriers participating in which funds?
Q2: Can a carrier assign an individual ID to each record filed with the HUBB? Does the system do that automatically?
Q3: How should a carrier report deployment to multiple structures on a single property, lot or land parcel?
Q4: Which carriers are not required to file in the HUBB?
Q5: What does the HUBB do with the data that is uploaded to the system?
Q6: What should a carrier put in the address field if a postal address for a deployed location is unavailable?
Q7: Do carriers have to report all locations where broadband is ‘‘available’’ or only locations with actual subscribers?
Q8: Should carriers report speed tiers by the speeds that are available at a location or by the speeds the customer at a location actually subscribes to?
Q9: Will carriers receive credit for their build-out obligations at slower speeds if they offer faster speeds and therefore select faster speed tiers when reporting locations in the HUBB? For example, if an ACAM carrier selects the 100/25 Mbps speed tier when filing a location in the HUBB, will that location count toward its 25/3 Mbps deployment obligation?
Q10: Does a carrier still have to file with the HUBB even if it did not deploy any new locations in the prior year?
Q11: Is it possible to edit, delete or replace certified records filed in the HUBB?
Q12: Should carriers report network upgrades to existing locations that were already certified in the HUBB during an earlier filing window? For instance, if a carrier deployed broadband with speeds of 10/1 Mbps in 2018 and reported those locations to the HUBB by March 1, 2019, should the carrier report an upgrade to 25/3 Mbps to those locations that took place in 2021 with the HUBB by March 1, 2022? And if so, should the carrier leave the original date of deployment unchanged?
Q13: Are carriers required to report all locations deployed using CAF support in the prior year with the HUBB? What should a carrier do if it discovers locations that should have been reported by the filing deadline after that date?
Q14: What should a carrier do if a location that was reported during a prior year was later destroyed or is no longer habitable, but is still in the HUBB?
Q15: How is date of deployment defined? Is it the date the customer turns on service or the date a cabinet is placed in the field?
Q16: What should a carrier file for date of deployment if the exact date is unavailable?
Q17: If a carrier provides service to an apartment building with 10 units (all at the same latitude/longitude), but only five units subscribe, can the carrier still report that as 10 locations deployed?
Q18: What data does the HUBB collect from carriers?
Q19: Can a partial data upload be certified?
Q20: Does each location need to be certified individually? Or is there a way to certify many or all locations at once? The ‘‘select all’’ certify button selects only the locations shown on an individual screen. Is there a way to certify all screens at once?
Q21: Will the HUBB indicate when certification is complete?
Q22: Many rural properties are very large. Where on a property should a carrier gather latitude and longitude coordinates?
Q23: Why do carriers have to report latitude/longitude coordinates to six decimal points?
Q24: Since the HUBB checks to make sure that a location is in an area eligible for funding, does it allow for any margin of error if the latitude and longitude coordinates are on the edge of an eligible area?
Q25: Can USAC recommend a particular GPS application? Or a particular mapping or geocoding application?
Q26: How should a carrier report deployment at a residence that also has a home-based business within the same structure?
Q27: The HUBB will only accept – and a carrier will only receive credit for – locations deployed in areas or census blocks eligible for support under the rules of the fund in which it participates. Do those eligible areas – and the shapefiles associated with them, which the HUBB uses for validation checks – change to reflect updated census block data?
Q28: Does a carrier still have to file with the HUBB even if it meets its 100 percent deployment milestone ahead of schedule?